Metalphoto of Cincinnati
Custom Audio Equipment Faceplates

“Quality is excellent, lead times are reasonable and pricing is competitive.”

Kerry K.

Custom Panels for the Electronic
Music Manufacturer

MPC understands the graphic and fabrication quality requirements of the synthesizer community. That is why we supply to more than 30 modular synthesizer manufacturers. Don't trust a random company with your synthesizer panels, let MPC save you time and money with a superior product.

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Over 30 modular synthesizer designers trust

MPC to create their custom panels.

High Resolution/Detail
Show incredible detail with much higher resolution than screen printing or etching processes.

Accurate Fabrication
Standard tolerances of +/- 0.015" (0.381mm). Higher tolerances available.

Industrial Durability
All imaging is beneath an anodic layer that provides superior durability against abrasion, and is as smooth as glass.

Durable Nameplates, Panels, Overlays, Labels, Tags & Signs

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